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Who is Utahjaz?

Utahjaz is an Australian Model and Instagram sensation. She is known for her modelling photos that she posts on her Instagram account, which has attracted thousands of followers. Utahjaz has been modelling since she was 16 years old and is currently one of the most popular Australian models on social media. She has been modelled for several major brands such as GAP and Calvin Klein, as well as for smaller labels like Fabletics and Nasty Gal.

Quick Bio:

Name: Utahjaz

Gender: Feminine

Birth Place: AUSTRALIA

Date Of Birth: January 05, 1995

Age: 27


Nationality: Australian

Profession: Model and Instagram star

Height Average:5.8

Weight: 65kg

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Faith: Cristian

What is she known for?

Utahjaz is best known for her modelling career, which she has been pursuing since she was a teenager. She’s best known for her sultry bikini and lingerie shoots that she posts on her Instagram account. Aside from her modelling, Utahjaz is also an artist and has a passion for singing and songwriting. She often posts covers of popular songs, as well as her original material. Her Instagram has amassed a following of over 50,000 fans who love to see her gorgeous shots.

Utahjaz also loves to travel and explore the world, something she regularly documents in her Instagram posts. She’s visited some of the most beautiful places around the world, including Thailand, Bali, and the Maldives. From nature hikes to beach days, Utahjaz shows off the beauty of each destination.

What kind of modelling does she do?

Utahjaz is an Australian model that has become renowned for her stunning modeling photos. She often posts pictures of herself in fashion-forward outfits, striking poses and showcasing her signature style.


She has posed for some of the top fashion labels in the industry, including Moschino, Fendi, Givenchy, Chanel and Balmain. Her style is always chic and modern, and she frequently experiments with bold colours and edgy silhouettes.

In addition to the traditional runway and editorial shoots, Utahjaz is also an avid street-style model. She loves to take risks with her wardrobe choices and can often be seen rocking daring accessories and unique pieces that make a statement.

What are her career highlights?

Utahjaz has had a successful career in modelling and has been featured in several high-profile campaigns, magazines, and fashion shows. Some of her most notable achievements include being featured on the cover of Grazia Magazine in Australia and walking in multiple fashion shows, including Myer’s Spring/Summer show in 2019 and the David Jones Sydnee

Autumn/Winter show in 2018. She was also named one of the ‘50 Best Dressed Women’ by GQ Australia in 2019.

What else does she like to do?

Aside from modelling, Utahjaz also loves spending her time outdoors and going on adventures. She enjoys exploring new places and trying new things, whether it’s going on a hike, taking photos of nature or even learning a new skill. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, particularly in the summer months, when she can go camping, fishing and swimming. In her free time, Utahjaz also loves to read, bake and play sports. She believes that balance is important and likes to mix up her activities to stay active and healthy.

Utahjaz social media startup

Utahjaz has quickly risen to fame as an Instagram personality and model, amassing an impressive following of over 160K people on her account. Her journey to stardom began in 2018 when she started uploading modeling photos and videos to her Instagram page. She was soon noticed by fashion brands and began appearing in campaigns for luxury labels such as Gucci and Balmain.


Since then, Utahjaz has become one of the most popular models on Instagram, regularly featuring in editorials and collaborating with influencers like Kylie Jenner.

Height and Weight

Utahjaz has an average height, with a glamorous figure. If in these pictures, taken in proximity to the space around her, she is shown to be taller than a mannequin at five feet and eight inches tall, then she may be a tall mannequin. Undergarments size is thirty-five A, weight sixty-five kg, hair colour is white and eye colour is black. That notwithstanding, her physical appearance suggests that she’s a queen–with lovely skin, glimmering pores, and gold skin.

Early Fame and Modeling:

Utahjaz began to gain notoriety in the world of modelling after she was featured in several fashion magazines and on the cover of some of the top Australian magazines. She soon gained a large following on Instagram and began to receive recognition for her unique style and beautiful looks.

In addition to magazine shoots, Utahjaz has also been featured in music videos and commercials. She has also appeared in a few TV series as well as a movie or two. She has even been invited to various events such as the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

In 2018, Utahjaz became a full-time model, signing with Elite Model Management Australia. Since then, she has been featured in campaigns for some of the top fashion and beauty brands such as Revlon, Calvin Klein, and Loreal. She has also worked with some of Australia’s top photographers, including Garry Regan, who shot her for the April 2018 issue of Vogue Australia.

Utahjaz continues to make waves in the modelling world and her success shows no signs of slowing down. She is a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success.

Fashion trends:

Utahjaz is an Instagram model who has carved a niche for herself by creating unique and stylish fashion trends. Her Instagram feed features a range of different looks that often draw on the latest trends. Her wardrobe includes both classic and contemporary pieces, always with a modern twist.

From crisp whites to neon hues, Utahjaz is unafraid to experiment with bold colours and silhouettes. She also has a knack for mixing edgy and girly looks for a fun and feminine style. Whether she’s in jeans and a t-shirt or a full-length gown, Utahjaz is always making a fashion statement. Her fans love her for her willingness to take risks and stay up to date-with the latest trends.

Social media account:

Utahjaz has a strong presence on social media. She currently has over 800 thousand followers on Instagram, where she often posts pictures of her modelling and travels. She also has an active YouTube channel where she posts short films and vlogs. Utahjaz’s Twitter page is quite active as well and she regularly tweets about fashion trends and her travels. Utahjaz also has a Facebook page that she updates with pictures of her modelling work, but it doesn’t have a lot of followers.

Instagram @Utahjazx
TikTok @Utahjazxx
YouTube @channel
OnlyFans https://onlyfans.com/utahjaz
Phone Number Check here
Address Australia
Background Check TikTok Personality


Utahjaz is an Australian Model and Instagram sensation who has gained a large following for her stunning modeling photos. She started on the platform in 2018 and has since become a popular influencer with over 200k followers. On her profile, she posts mostly selfies and glamorous shots that show off her impressive figure. Utahjaz also does sponsored posts with fashion and beauty brands, which adds to her growing fanbase. Utahjaz


Utahjaz is one of the most popular models on TikTok, with over a million followers. She often posts comedic skits and lip-syncs, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from her modelling shoots. Her signature look is an effortless mix of streetwear, athleisure, and luxury fashion pieces. She also creates funny dance videos with her friends, often featuring music from her favourite rap artists like Lil Baby, DaBaby, and Drake. Fans love to watch Utahjaz showcase her talents and personality on the platform.


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Utahjaz Interesting Facts

  • Utahjaz is an Australian model and Instagram personality who was born on October 15th, 1996 in Sydney, Australia.
  • She began posting modelling photos on Instagram in 2017 and quickly gained a following of over 110,000 followers.
  • She has also appeared in campaigns for brands such as Fendi, Glamour Magazine, and Estee Lauder.
  • Utahjaz stands at a height of 5’7” and weighs approximately 140 lbs.
  • Her favourite food is sushi and her favourite colour is green.
  • She is known for her strong brows, natural beauty, and classic style of fashion.
  • She is a fan of all things classic, from old movies to vintage clothing.
  • She enjoys travelling and has posted pictures from various locations around the world.
  • She loves animals and has a pet chihuahua named Bambi.
  • Her social media accounts have been steadily growing since her modelling career began in 2017.


Q: Who is Utahjaz?

A: Utahjaz is an Australian Model and Instagram temperament who is famous for displaying modelling photos on her Instagram account.

Q: What kind of modelling does Utahjaz do?

A: Utahjaz models a range of different fashion styles, including casual streetwear, lingerie, glamour, and runway looks.

Q: What are Utahjaz’s career highlights?

A: Utahjaz has worked with major fashion brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Hollister, and Shien. She has also appeared in campaigns for other brands, including Calvin Klein and Nike.

Q: What else does Utahjaz like to do?

A: Aside from modelling, Utahjaz enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures. She also loves cooking, watching movies, and spending time with her family and friends.

Q: Does Utahjaz have any social media accounts?

A: Yes, she does! Utahjaz is active on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her modelling photos, travel experiences, and life updates.


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