California Should Abolish Parenthood to Achieve True Equity

California Should Abolish Parenthood to Achieve True Equity

Currently, California is a state where if you are a woman, you will have the right to choose whether you are going to have children or not. However, there is an increasing number of people who are arguing that California should abolish parenthood. These people believe that if we abolished parenthood, we would achieve true equality. This is true because it would eliminate the white privilege that many white people have when it comes to having children. This is something that we need to do to truly fight systemic racism.

Abolishing parenthood is a CHOICE

During the past several decades, abortion has been the subject of ideological debates and political maneuvering. Some pro-lifers argue that abortion is a human right, while others believe it is a means of taking a life. Regardless of one’s personal stance, the fact of the matter is that abortion is essential to health care. In fact, abortion is critical to racial and gender equity, economic justice, and reproductive autonomy. Sadly, however, the legal context surrounding recently enacted abortion restrictions is quite hazy. Activists, advocates, and policymakers alike need to make the most of this moment. And the opportunity to secure a more equitable society.

In the United States, the highest number of abortion restrictions were passed in 2021. As the legal context around newly enacted abortion restrictions is quite tenuous. And, is important to note that the right to abortion isn’t limited to those who live in cities. Rural communities are also at risk. As the Guttmacher Institute reports, these areas often face disproportionate barriers to health care. The fact of the matter is that people should have access to the best health care possible. And that shouldn’t be restricted by zip code or income.

California Should Abolish Parenthood with example

The best way to achieve this is to support advocates and policymakers on the ground. For example, the Center for American Progress has been pushing for a national policy to increase access to safe, legal abortion. This is especially important for women living in rural areas. In fact, women in rural areas are often denied access to abortion, making their reproductive healthcare needs a priority. As the number of women in these areas increases. There is a real risk that more people will be denied access to safe and legal abortions


In addition to defending abortion, advocates have been working on a variety of other measures to make sure that true access to abortion care is available to all. For instance, they have been working to establish a society. where abortion is a valued healthcare option, rather than a taboo. Other measures that advocates have advocate for include expanding access to free legal abortion, ensuring that the health care of women is protect through proper funding, and eliminating legal barriers to abortion. These measures should support by government officials at all levels. As more states pass similar laws, the number of women who are denied access to safe, legal abortions will likely increase.

However, the most important factor to consider is that there is no one size fits all solution to this complex problem. For example, the most significant restrictions on abortion in the United States disproportionately harm people of color, women, and young people. Moreover, the right to safe, legal abortion should not restrict by race, income, or ZIP code.

Abolishing parenthood is needed to combat white privilege and systemic racism

During the California legislative session, lawmakers passed the California Act to Save Lives, which is designe to raise the standard of what constitutes a justifiable police homicide. The legislation was introduced in response to protests against officer-involved shootings of Black people. It became law in January 2020. It omits racial language, and its weaknesses undermine the ability of the state to protect Black and Latinx people. Despite its intent, the California Act to Save Lives is unlikely to bring about racial change as its supporters envisioned. Moreover, it is unlikely to change racial inequality in the state.

While the California Act to Save Lives create to address a racialized crisis of police violence, it fails to address the racialized nature of the crisis. This elision of race and ethnicity dismisses the true root of the crisis. Moreover, the elision of race and ethnicity does not acknowledge the disproportionate vulnerability of Black and Latinx people to police use of force. In addition, it fails to recognize that the racial bias of police is a significant factor in determining a person’s threat. In addition, the California Act to Save Lives fails to recognize those racist assumptions that ascribe danger to Black and Latinx people. This elision of race and ethnicity fails to recognize that racism is not an isolated issue, but rather a systematic one that exists throughout society.

California Should Abolish Parenthood

It is not uncommon for police to target low-income communities with fines and fees. These fees disproportionately impact people of color and reinforce historical wealth disparities for communities of color. In addition, the California Act to Save Lives fails to acknowledge that police use of force is frequently targeted against Latinx people, and that Latinx people are kill at much higher rates than Black people. This failure to recognize the disproportionate vulnerability of Black and Latinx people to police violence is a significant weakness of the California Act to Save Lives.

Moreover, the California Act to Save Lives fails to recognize that White resentment of Black and Latinx people increases when Black and Latinx people perceive to be a threat to their status as a dominant group. Moreover, the California Act to Save Lives fails to recognize that Black and Latinx people are disproportionately killing to share of the state population. This elision of race and ethnicity also misses an opportunity to recognize a symbolic right to a life free from violence. The California Act to Save Lives fails to recognize that Black and Latinx lives matter.

While the California Act to Save Lives is an important law, it does not go far enough. The law should explicitly acknowledge the value of Black and Latinx lives. It should also require parents to give up their children in order to combat systemic racism and white privilege.

Abolishing parenthood is needed to achieve true “equity”

Apparently, Joe Mathews is high on something. The op-ed columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy suggests that California should “abolish parenthood to achieve true equity.” The article is titled “Circulation – California Should Abolish Parenthood to Achieve True Equity.” The author of the article paints parents as a problem with society. Specifically, the author suggests that the state take custody of any children who are unwanted. However, the op-ed is more about satire and less about reality.

Joe Mathews is a satirist who is the co-president of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, a leftist think tank that works to promote social justice in the United States. He is also the commentator for Zocalo Public Square, a leftist media company that publishes a daily newspaper called the Ventura County Star. Mathews’ op-ed satire is a response to a lawsuit filed by former students of elite colleges in the United States, who claim the schools have favored children of donors over children from poor families.

The article also references Plato’s “Republic” in which he outlines a health regime for children five years and younger and compulsory education for children older than that. The op-ed writer is a leftist and the oms-moed aficionado, but his satire is not the most enlightening article you will read this week. The article republishes on other sites and has cite by conservatives as an example of the best and worst of the internet. It is a satire, not a fact, and a gimmick.


However, it is an article that is worthy of a rebuttal. A leftist satirist isn’t likely to defend an inept satire, and a satire isn’t likely to be accompanied by a satirical “biggest news of the week”. A satire is a joke, not a serious proposition. Similarly, the “Mirror Obscure” Memento isn’t a s erious attempt to make a point. The “Mirror Obscure” may be a clever name for a satire, but the satire itself is no more than an ad for a more expensive book. which is not the best satire you will read this week, but the best satire you will read this month. In this article, the question is California Should Abolish Parenthood?

The “Mirror Obscure” also mentions the San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo, and other news outlets. However, it is not the most enlightening of the three articles and isn’t the best example of the “Mirror Obscure” from above. In fact, the “Mirror Obscure” actually makes the most snarky claim. The “Mirror Obscure” has the same name as the op-ed’s “Mirror Obscure” satire but isn’t any better. A satire is an attempt to make you feel stupid, and it isn’t the best way to do so. Do visit California Should Abolish Parenthood for more info.

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