Best Farm Dairies of tapping reede cheese

Best Farm Dairies of tapping reede cheese

Whenever I make tapping reede cheese, I always make sure to use the best ingredients that I can find. These ingredients include cream, milk, and cheddar cheese. I also try to make sure that my cheese is very flavorful. This is especially important when you are making a cheese spread.

Arethusa Farm Dairy

Located in western Connecticut, Arethusa Farm produces a number of cheeses. They are available at a number of retail locations throughout the state. You can also find their products at select grocery stores and restaurants.

World Championship Cheese

Arethusa Farm produces a number of cheeses, including a number of blue-veined cheeses. This cheese is a classic English style, and it was named the winner of the blue-veined cheese category at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin in 2018. Arethusa Farm Dairy is located in Bantam, Connecticut. It has a full-service restaurant and coffee shop in Bantam.

Arethusa Farm Dairy is also home to a creamery. The creamery makes cheeses as well as ice cream, sour cream, and yogurt. The creamery is located next to the full-service restaurant.


The creamery was founded 20 years ago. The farm, located in Litchfield, Connecticut, produces a number of fine cheeses. It is known for being one of the cleanest and most beautiful farms in the state. Arethusa Farm also produces a number of other dairy products. They have a creamery and a restaurant in Bantam. They are also known for their excellent ice cream. The ice cream was named the best in Connecticut.

Arethusa Farm Dairy uses a number of different molds to produce their cheese. The molds vary in size, and each mold produces a different type of cheese. Some molds produce Camembert, others cheddar. The curd size also determines the acidity of the cheese. In addition to producing cheese, Arethusa Farm also has a farm-to-table restaurant called Al Tavolo, which is run by chef Dan Magill. The restaurant is stocked with fresh produce year-round.


Arethusa Farm Dairy has a number of cheeses, including Tapping Reeve, a mountain-style cheese. This cheese has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and a tangy flavor that is great for snacking or serving on grilled cheese sandwiches. It is also excellent for full-flavored cheese plates. It pairs well with fruity mustards or Brin’s Chili Pepper Jam.

Cato Corner Farm

Located in Colchester, CT, Cato Corner Farms makes some of the best cheese in Connecticut, if not the country. They are the subject of a recent Food and Wine mag and are also a recipient of an afore mentioned award. Some of the most notable accolades include a spot on the best of the best cheese list, and the best cheese list in Connecticut. The aforementioned list is comprised of some of the state’s most notable movers and shakes, a few of which were lucky enough to be included in the tasting throne, a.k.a. a bottle of Cato Corner cheese.

The list is a whopping 30 or so and includes a plethora of local purveyors and gin distillers. A short list of favorites includes Cato Corner, Bantam Creamery, and Greenfield Cheese. In addition to their cheese laden retail stores, they also have a retail presence online. The best part is they ship to most states, not just Connecticut. Unlike most retail establishments, they are not prone to the occasional snafu. Their aforementioned store is open most days of the week and carries a plethora of local cheeses and brews. Their shop is the best place to stock up on the best of the best. The aforementioned shop also has a stellar wine list, an impressive beer list, and some of the best wine-by-the-glass selections in the state.

Arethusa Blue

Getting a load of the aforementioned blue cheese is a whole lot more difficult than consuming it. The quality is often dictated by the maker. The best way to go about obtaining this artisanal product is to buy from a reputable online retailer. There are also numerous stores in Litchfield County where you can get your fill of the good stuff.

Aside from the aforementioned blue cheese, Arethusa Farm also produces a full range of dairy products including milk, cream, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and more. For instance, Arethusa makes the best tasting ice cream you can get outside of New York City. Also, they produce a small batch of artisanal cream cheese and a large variety of other aged cheeses. The aforementioned products are available at a number of stores in Litchfield County, including a few Whole Foods locations.

tapping reede cheese

The best part of all is that Arethusa is a family-owned and operated dairy with a small staff that enjoys what they do. In fact, their motto is “Let’s all work together to make a great product, great for us and great for you.” Hopefully, they can keep this up for many years to come.

It’s not every day that you get to tour a working dairy farm, let alone one that’s actually making the best-tasting cheese you can buy outside of New York City. You can even try out their ice cream if you’re so inclined. They also have a small onsite retail store for those who prefer to shop locally. The dairy is also home to a few cheese caves. You may even see a cow or two while you’re at it.


Originally made by a local lawyer, Tapping Reeve is a colonial-style cheese that tastes like British cheddar. It’s mild and crumbly, with a bit of brown butter and grassy undertones. This cheese pairs well with fruity mustards and bite-sized fruits. It’s also a good match for white wines, Belgian ales, and buttery crackers. This cheese is aged for four months, making it an ideal choice for cubing.

Oma is a washed-rind tomme-style cheese made from organic milk of predominantly Jersey breed cows. The rind is often covered with white flora. The cheese is aged for four months, making it a mild cheddar that pairs well with sweet fruity wines and fig jam. It also has a nice mouthfeel and is strong enough to stand up to sweet heat. It’s the perfect cheese for cheese boards and charcuterie boards. Oma’s rind is often overlaid with white flora. It is a creamy, buttery cheese that is creamy on the inside and rich on the outside.

tapping reede cheese to serve with white wine, fig jam, and buttery crackers. It’s also a great match for Aries blue, a sheep gouda with mild flavors of fresh butter and bacon. The cheese is made in the village of Macaye in the Basque Country. It is also pasteurized and made with milk from local sheep. To know more visit tapping reede cheese.

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